January 13, 2017

My favorite unit to teach is a unit I co-create about origin stories (“origin stories” as in “pourquoi tales,” not comic book character backstories).  I’ve always loved them and there is something about imagining a fresh beginning in a fictional way that I find so fasc...

One reason CRREW was founded was the idea that silence is compliance, if you choose not to speak, you have sided with the oppressor. With that in mind, I felt like speaking out to an email would be a great response for our first blog.


The email came from an elementary...

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Charlottesville. It’s cut and dry: saying one race is superior to another is wrong. Saying certain people don’t belong because of their skin color, re...

Irony: to say the US is no place for hate, when white supremacy built it

August 18, 2017

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