CRREW’s mission is to educate on the impacts that institutionalized racism and white privilege have on our students, teachers, and communities; we stand for focused, intentional, and continual growth to ultimately make the world a better place for the seventh generation.


Our students must have educators who understand the need and who have the wherewithal for discussion, fostering action, and growing in awareness concerning issues of race, equity, and whiteness. 

By designing a series of custom professional development experiences using coaching, inquiry groups, and workshop models, we provide a self-care network for social justice educators.
Building a socially just education system.

CRREW uses a four-step model to build and refine teacher practice, strengthen building climate, and maintain a distinguished, culturally-competent teacher profile.  Our process of incorporating multiple research-based teaching frameworks, in-context formative feedback, as well as tailored and responsive professional development opportunities ensures the success of our approach.


Whole and small group professional development presentations, workshops, teacher inquiry circles, guided action research, and self-paced online coursework.


In-context coaching with PLC, PCC, data teaming, PBIS, and Restorative Justice models; co-planning and co-teaching; model lessons; learning walks; and, frequent, formative pedagogical feedback.


Community engagement support and strategic planning; coaching to (re)create equitable classroom, school, and district systems and structures.


Online and in-person self-care network including discussion forums, teaching and learning resources, lesson and unit design ideas, as well as professional development resources for principals, professional learning teams, and district administration.

the CRREW collective, est. 2015

Seattle   |   Washington

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