Social Justice, Love & Finding Your 'Why'

Patience. Kindness. Humility. Respect. Selflessness. Forgiveness. Honesty. Commitment.

These are the 8 Essentials to practice when loving others. The Servant by James C. Hunter discusses how influential leaders exemplify these 8 Essential skills. When you love people, you are required to serve and sacrifice through these 8 Essentials.

Social justice work is difficult. Why do you continue to do it? Why is working towards social justice so important? Why combat racist narratives and thoughts by your family, friends, or strangers on the internet? Why do this exhausting and emotional work?

We all have different whys and I can bet that your why can be based on one, if not all, of the 8 Essentials. Social justice work is a labor of love. You're already practicing many of these skills.

You show love when you have difficult conversations and are patient with those who disagree.

You are kind and understanding in explaining to someone why the comment they made is perpetuating racist narratives.

You realized your privilege and have the humility to find how your privilege can work to help others.

You show respect by exclaiming that #blacklivesmatter and chime back when someone responds with #alllivesmatter.

You are selfless and courageous when you post to your social media and open up conversations, even though you know you’ll be judged. Yet, you do it because you know it’s right.

You continually forgive your family and friends for ignorant comments and consistently explain why conversations about social justice are imperative.

You’re honest with yourself when you need to step back and practice self-care. You call someone you can count on to help you talk through your feelings, you read a novel, you cry.

But in the end, you come back and fight the fight because you’re committed.

This work is taxing. If you can view it from a lens of love, I believe you’ll have the wherewithal to continue when you think you can go no longer. If we all find this… if we all teach and preach this…. Maybe one day, we’ll have dismantled our broken systems and we’ll truly have liberty and justice for all.

CRREW is founded on these 8 Essentials. Our approach is always from a place of patience, kindness, honesty, respect, selflessness, forgiveness, humility and commitment. So, what is my why? My why is for true liberation. My why is because I want children to grow up without having to live in fear. So that one day, each word of the Pledge of Allegiance will be true for all people.

#teacherleadership #selfcare

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