Love is the answer. And so is real work.

January 24, 2017

It's not enough to only talk about love and loving others. Indeed, love is important and it does win over hate. However, there is real work to be done.

Love by itself won't dismantle centuries of purposeful systems designed to oppress POC by: withholding voting rights, the 13th Amendment, assisting in the cycle of poverty by red-lining, poor housing standards and zoning, and therefore inequitable education opportunities, unjust laws that were made to target POC like three strikes, stop & frisk. The list can go on.

Yes, love is the answer. And so is dismantling these systems. Love doesn't mean that we don't talk about it; love means to be honest and honesty is the tough part of love. If we are honest, we can admit that what is going on today is no big surprise. The fact that per capita, people in poverty and imprisoned are disproportionately POC, is no mistake.

Love doesn't work if it only comes from one side. We have to work together and we need white folks to help, to understand how white privilege works to keep POC oppressed. There is racist and anti-racist. If you're not actively working towards anti-racism, you're participating in racism, which is perpetuating the status quo.


It'd be nice that if we all loved each other, our country would be better. But we have to love each other as well as dismantle centuries of policies mean to oppress. Let's get to work.


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