What's new with CRREW?

What’s New with CRREW?

by Suzie Hodges

Now that I have been out of the classroom for a little over a month and have had more time to dedicate to CRREW, I thought I would use this time and space to share some things we are up to and some ideas we have for the future. Social justice education and looking at education through a racial lens is important to us because we feel that it is through understanding a person’s story that you really get to know someone and love them. We started CRREW to be many things, one being a place for social justice educators to talk, collaborate, grow & learn, and find a CRREW who understands the importance of the work, as well as the importance of self-care. We hope you have the space to be open & honest and we are looking forward to engaging and interacting more with all of you.

1. May Book Club: small great things by Jodi Picoult

Elizabeth and I have both recently finished small great things by Jodi Picoult and absolutely loved it! The premise of the novel is that a distinguished African American labor and delivery nurse, Ruth, is ordered not to care for a white baby boy who was recently born to a white supremacist family. After an unfortunate event at the hospital, Ruth is charged with murder. Her public defender, Kennedy, is a white color blind woman who struggles with understanding how race was involved in the case. Needless to say, race, equity & whiteness are central themes in the book. Using the book as a discussion starter, we will discuss:

· How does race impact students & teachers?

· How do I improve my relationships with students?

· What is school for?

Mark your calendars! Wednesday, May 11th @ 6 pm.

Register online at www.crrewcollective.org

(We will determine location after registration to find a central location.)

2. CRREW junior: A Summer Camp Experience

Are you looking for a summer enrichment program focused on social justice and activism? Look no further!

At junior CRREW children ages 6-12 will learn about and engage in social justice activism through art, play, and literacy. In this two-week session, junior CRREW campers will actively and collaboratively participate in questioning and analyzing the world around them. Camp is led by certificated social justice educators dedicated to innovative pedagogy which encourages young people to be active in what they believe and in their communities. The final day of camp will be a family gathering where the campers share their activist ideas in a collective way that brings people together in thought and practice. Camp will be held at Sonic Athletics in Wallingford. There is a 20 camper cap for this camp, so sign up today! Registration fee is $500 for the two-week session.

But the best part of camp is that it not only for children! CRREW is offering three teachers the opportunity to get paid while working in a collaborative space to learn and grow as social justice educators. The morning will be spent with the campers and the afternoon will be spent reflecting, analyzing, understanding, questioning, and planning for the next day. The time commitment is one full day prior to camp starting and 9 - 4 each day of camp. If you are interested in participating in this amazing professional development opportunity email me at suzie@crrewcollective.org!

3. Teachers as Activists Collaborative Planning Sessions

Between now and the end of June we would like to offer a place where teachers from any school and any grade level can come together to discuss current, classroom, and school events and then work together to plan how to integrate them into the curriculum. The space will feature a guest teacher who will share a social-justice-focused lesson or routine in their classroom and then pose a question for the group. Using the question as a guide teachers will share ideas, learn from each other, and grow a network of teacher activists. Unfortunately, we do not have an actual space, so if this sounds like something you would like to participate in and can offer your classroom as a meeting space, please email us at suzie@crrewcollective.org.

4. Newsletters

Sign up for our mailing list on our website to receive our quarterly newsletter. Each newsletter will feature a book review, a podcast interview of a dynamic and daring dismantler, resources for the classroom, professional development opportunities, and a calendar of upcoming events. If you would like to contribute or showcase your work or the work of a colleague in the newsletter let us know! In the May newsletter you will find a crrewview for the book Waking Up White, by Debby Irving. Read along with us and compare notes!

5. Becoming a nonprofit

We are in the process of becoming a nonprofit and bringing professional development around topics of race, equity & whiteness to teachers and schools for free. We understand that this topic is of utmost importance and students need teachers who can see things from multiple perspectives and understand how race, equity & whiteness impact student success and their ability to critically analyze the world. Our hope is to establish funding from foundations and other donors in order to provide high quality professional development opportunities in a variety of ways. This is our top priority at the moment and we hope you will be able to support us by donating time or money, following us on our social platforms and engaging in rich discussion about education in the United States, hiring us, and letting others know about us.

If you would like to make a donation, please visit our GoFundMe page. Thanks for all of your clicks, views, comments, reads, and support!

Suzie, Elizabeth & Kimberly

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