White privilege symposium

of the


Friday, May 3
Northwest African American Museum


Saturday, May 4


Highline College


The White Privilege Symposium (WPS) of the Northwest was an evening followed by a full-day event designed to examine patterns, cultures, and systems that contribute to identity, power, and privilege. In examining and challenging concepts of privilege and oppression, WPS of the Northwest offered solutions and team-building strategies to work towards a more equitable world. The event was open to the public and invited diverse perspectives that provided a comprehensive look at issues of privilege, including race, gender, sexuality, class, disability, and other intersections of identity.

& keynote speakers

        Robin Di Angelo

        Gyasi Ross

        Yusef Salaam


Workshops will be held on Saturday.


Scholarships and group discounts are available. 


Friday, May 3 and Saturday, May 4


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workshops & presenters

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Activating Families of Privilege (Intermediate)
Chelsea Myers & Becky Krueger (Hilltop Children's Center)

Building Solidarity Among Anti-Racist Asians (Intermediate)
Jondou Chen, Ph.D & Toi Sing Woo (New Directions Consulting)

Changing the Narrative: Healing from Internalized Racism (Intermediate)

Anita Garcia Morales (Racing to Equity)

Collaboration in the Art of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Facilitation (Beginner)

Rosetta Eun Ryong Lee, et. al. (Seattle Girls' School)

Detentions and deportations as another white supremacy tool (Intermediate)

Maru Mora Villalpando (La Resistencia)

PNW Passive Aggressive Communication Norms and Racial Equity (Intermediate)

Fleur Larsen (Fleur Larsen Facilitation)

Shifting Institutional Culture - RSJI's Cross-Racial Relational Model (Advanced)
Kyana Wheeler (City of Seattle RSJI)

Who We Be, How We Do: Strategies for Building Solidarity (Intermediate)

Jerod Grant and Richard Kim (Cultures Connecting)

Ya'll Ain't Ready! Critical Race Theory (CRT) in Education (Intermediate)

Dr. Marion Smith, Jr [Educate to Liberate Consulting (E2LC)]

the CRREW collective, est. 2015

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